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A brief introduction to wedding dress styles

Every woman in the world wants to have a fabulous look on her big day. It takes a lot of effort to get that effect. One of the most important aspects is the wedding dress. Today, I will introduce you to the main styles of wedding dresses and help you choose the style of wedding dress that flatters your body the most.

Generally, there are five main styles of wedding dress in terms of the silhouette of a dress. They are A-line / Princess, Empire, Mermaid / Fishtail, Prom Dress and Column.

An online dress or princess line can be called the most ideal and the most popular because it suits almost everyone. The A-line dress is characterized by a fitted shape around the bodice and flush with the ground with the outline of the capital letter A. This type of dress can refine your size and flatter your bust. Because of its simple and classic style, the A-line dress can be worn at any occasion, ranging from a backyard to a traditional church ceremony to a wedding ceremony at the beach. In a nutshell, the A-line dress is versatile enough, you can highlight your body strengths or hide those that you're not so hammered into by adding simple changes to the neckline, waist, to the fabric, etc.

An empire dress has a shape with a raised waist and an almost straight line beyond the hips. This is especially suitable for girls who have a small bust or a large size. Like line A, the empire dress is also very versatile. The length of a sleeve of an empire dress ranges from long bell sleeves for an icy winter wedding to a sleek, sleeveless design for an outdoor summer ceremony. Light fabrics such as chiffon and silk contribute to a graceful and romantic effect.

A column gown, also called sheath, is equipped with a straight skirt. It tends to tighten the body so as to show all the curves. There are many ways to change the overall appearance of a column gown. Different necklines, sleeves lengths, skirt lengths and fabrics can give a totally fresh look to the dress. A prominent bride bride, tall or short, dressed in a column gown is definitely the center of the wedding. Because of its design, a dress with columns is not a good choice for those plump bridles. In addition, the bride in a column gown may have restrictions on your movement such as sitting and dancing.

The prom dress has a full skirt and is the most suitable for a large and traditional. The trains are perfect with the ball gown, the cathedral length train and the brushed train. A ball gown can flatter you from head to toe if you have a full bust and a small hip. But for these little girls, it is not wise to wear a prom dress because it makes you look smaller and seems to disappear into the skirt. Whatever it is, line A is a better choice for the little bride.

A mermaid dress, also called an hourglass, is tightly fitted to the body, from the chest to the knee. It's a pretty sexy look that showcases a woman's curves. Girls must be very confident about their characters and make sure you are comfortable sitting and walking in a mermaid dress. In addition, brides must also pay attention to the undergarment under the dress because it is likely to reveal the contours of the undergarment, which brings them to an embarrassing situation.

Once you have a general idea of ​​the dress styles in terms of silhouette, it is much easier to choose the perfect dress for your big day.

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