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Elizabeth Bennet wardrobe: undressed, half-dress, full dress, headdress! Give meaning to everything

Let us understand from the beginning that the term
"Undressing" did not mean being undressed. Also,
"Half Dress" does not mean that we were literally half
dressed . The terms are categorical and not literal.
Like Full-Dress, their name was referring to the function
that's a state of being. In this case, you can ask,
What does it mean? & # 39;

That means that there had to be a lot of dresses in an elegant
Regency Lady's Wardrobe, No matter the Size
his fortune. Indeed, to be active in society, the
need to own a large wardrobe could hardly
to be avoided. In a small town like Longbourne (where
Bennett has lived) categories without a doubt
overlap more than they would, for example, for a
beginner in London.

Nevertheless, a number of categories of clothing are needed and, of course, there must be a variety within each category – and this does not matter.
where you lived because there were different uses of

the different categories, as we will see.

That said, one could argue that there is
only two major categories of clothing for the Regency
beautiful: Undress and Complete Dress In this
"model", Undress includes all dresses worn during
the day, and what is otherwise called the half-dress.
(That is, the majority of daywear,
and maybe even, informal evening dress.)

Day dresses include all dresses worn for the morning,
going out, shopping, going for a horse-drawn carriage or getting
calls. Full Dress, by contrast, was for the
evening ball, dinner very chic, opera or
court appearance. (The Royal Court, not a court
of the law.)

The main difference between Undress and Full was a
bottom of the bodice for the evening but in practice full
the dress involved a whole set; Short-sleeved
low waist dress and empire waist (usually chiffon)
but by no means limited to that) and including the evening
gloves, a fancy headdress, some jewels,
a fan, maybe a reticle and satin slippers. Other
accessories can also be worn or at hand: feathers,
boas, shawls, scarves and fans, to name the most common.

The following dresses made Undress .

  • Morning dress
  • Outing dress
  • Transportation dress
  • Walking dress
  • Afternoon dress
  • Outfit (or clothing) for riding
  • Half dress
  • Look at the difference? In theory, you were undressed
    in the morning, half-dress in the afternoon, and
    Complete dress for parties. (Like a dinner or
    evening, opera, ballet, theater, concert or ball).
    Court attire was also considered a complete dress.
    he had extravagant demands that no other
    occasion called.

    According to the Georgian Index, a great online tool
    resource for Regency, Dinner Dress and Opera fans
    The dresses fall into the category of "half-dresses".
    And only "Evening, Prom and Court Dresses" are passed
    in full dress. Does your head swim again? If not,
    consider that the habit of driving does not fit into
    all of the above, but is simply a category
    in his right!

    Ah, so many dresses, so little time! No wonder the
    The "season" of Regency, of the highest importance, was a roller coaster
    entertainment, entertainment and entertainment arena.
    A lady must have enough events to be able to use such a large wardrobe and have enough dresses in her dress.
    possession to assist them in "the mode". Too bad
    mediocre who could not follow the protocol or dress for
    l & # 39; occasion. This was the challenge for families
    with more pretension than means, who wanted
    throw a ball or a beautiful Regency into the whirlpool
    of the fashionable elite.

    The Regency There has never been a time like this.
    You must like it!

    PS: (I have not forgotten Headdress.
    copyright Linore Rose Burkard 2006

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