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How to accessorize a little black dress

Versatile, flattering and timelessly elegant, this little black dress is the essential piece of clothing in every woman's wardrobe. From the halter neck that creates a curve to the astonishing flared hem, there is a "LBD" & # 39; there to suit each figure. Established by Coco Chanel in the 1920s, the little black dress has gained momentum. Today, every designer worthy of the name, from the biggest fashion shows to high street brands, offers a wide range.

The beauty of the LBD lies largely in its flexibility: whether you're going to the office or on the dance floor, you can count on your LBD to offer you the perfect outfit for every occasion.

Important meeting
It's the morning of the big presentation. If you can convince this customer and make the sale, you know that the promotion will finally be within your reach. You've spent the last few weeks thinking about nothing: you've covered the slides a million times and prepared answers to any questions you might have; but you do not have to plan what to wear.

Intensify the little black dress. For a powerful meeting room look, a snug collar blazer and a closed button will accentuate your waist while maintaining a professional look. Try Guess or Donna Karan for a designer treat or for a blazer that will not fool you, Topshop offers a wide range of fashionable and sophisticated jackets.

Keeping the theme simple but classic, this look can be tastefully finished with delicate silver jewelry. Choose a pair of small earrings, a minimalist silver pendant and a slim silver bracelet to complete your transformation into an elegant and successful direction.

Girls & # 39; Evening
So you did, you did the big lot and you got the sale. Your bosses are delighted and your colleagues a little jealous, but after all this hard work, all you really want to do is leave the office and celebrate with the girls. Fortunately you chose the little black dress. a few simple changes can take you from the boardroom to the wine bar in minutes.

First, the goal is to drop your hair, so why not do it literally? For long hair up to the shoulders, loosening your wicks and letting them fall freely on your face gives a nice, warm and natural look that highlights your features. Now for jewelry; put simple money aside and put on thick, funky pearls and a matching bracelet. Go for a bright color, such as turquoise or purple, to add a fun and fun touch and finish with a glossy pouch to finish the look.

Black tie
A few months later, your well deserved promotion took effect. An annual dinner invitation with black business tie appears on your desk and your first thought is "What am I going to wear?" Do not worry, you can count on an LBD to guarantee you a glamorous and striking silhouette on the floor of the ballroom.

For a ceremony, a strapless dress is always a wise choice and its accessibility with real or faux pearls will bring a touch of elegant finishing to stand out from the crowd. A simple pearl necklace will draw admiring attention to your shoulders and can be complemented with style by a pair of matching drop effect earrings and a beaded bracelet. You can slip your makeup essentials into a small satin handbag. This beautiful set will be completed with a pair of black strappy sandals. Be sure to wear them before the event so you can dance comfortably all night long.

The holiday season is faster every year, but again, an LBD is perfect for creating a timeless party look. At this time of year, it's about making the most of long nights and brightening things up with a little spark. A fun fluid dress is perfect for getting into the party spirit. Accessorize with warm golden tones and a dramatic eye makeup to be sure of a kiss under mistletoe.

A pair of gold strappy sandals and a matching purse works wonders. The jewels must be fun and festive. At this time of year, you can afford to be a little more flamboyant. Experiment with fancy jewelery or, if you feel brave, try a feather boa for even more mischievous detail.

Rules of the gold
One last word on accessories: keep in mind that "less is more". Think of your LBD as a canvas on which you can create the perfect photo. Accessories such as shoes, jewelry and handbags can subtly attract attention to your best features and allow you to create a masterpiece.

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