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How to dress in style without spending a lot of money on clothes

Your personal color preferences, character type, activity pattern, lifestyle, and interests will give you a starting point for creating your own style.

So, first of all, you have to pay attention to wardrobe staples.
The essentials of the wardrobe are neutral pieces that you can easily combine with others. For example, it can work from a neutral colored pencil skirt or cigarette pants that you can pair with a classic white shirt or a boho-style blouse. A little black dress should become an indispensable piece of basic wardrobe – in fact, it can help you in almost any occasion.

However, avoid buying the same things.
In this way, you will feel like you are used to wearing the same clothes for years. At least, it's boring. Do not be afraid to experiment. If your wardrobe is too monotonous color, add some color accents. Do not be too fan of conservative clothing: a romantic floral print dress or a polka dot blouse is sure to please.

It is better to eliminate the habit of impulse buys.
Do not succumb to advertisements and do not blindly follow fashion. The clothes should serve you and highlight your best sides. First of all, you have to feel psychologically comfortable. If, for example, a skirt is shorter than you want, you will not feel safe and it is unlikely that this skirt will become your favorite. Or maybe you will never wear it at all. When buying a new thing, you must also remember all the other components. For example, it is not very practical to buy a trendy cropped top if you have to buy pants, shoes, jacket, etc. And after all, you will understand that the low high waist and open belly do not fit you well.

Do you like who you are for?
Do not buy smaller sized pieces. Conceal the illusions – small clothes, make us a cruel joke and visually add a few extra pounds.

Do not buy clothes very cheap.
It is better to buy a quality item instead of ten – "disposable". Usually, cheap clothes are made from poor quality fabrics, which can even affect your health. What can I say about adjustment? And what will become of it after the first wash? Oh no, better not even imagine it.

Dress according to the occasion.
It is not a good idea, for example, to wear Gladiator sandals for an official event and stilettos for a beach party.

Do not run to the extreme.
I love Lady Gaga, but as we all know, the work of a stylist behind his look and what's good on the stage is not suitable for a trip on the subway. In everyday life, choose practical and comfortable clothes.

Do not forget accessories and shoes.
After all, if you complete the same little black dress with sneakers and a leather jacket and make a ponytail, you can walk around or have a coffee in complete safety. But in combination with the golden heels, a clutch and evening necklace, it will be a perfect look to attend an official event.

Remember the words of the legendary Coco – "Fashion goes, style stays."

Dress in style!

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