Friday , 10 July 2020
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It’s the age-old question when it comes to jeans, but how long should bootcut jeans be for a proper fit? Are yours too short, too long or just don’t fit properly? The Jeans Blog has you covered! This post is aimed at both men and women, because bootcut jeans are a unisex cut. We will explain how bootcut jeans should fit and, above all, how to wear your bootcut jeans.

How long should bootcut jeans be for women?
When it comes to how long jeans for women are supposed to be, it mainly depends on what footwear you use to style the jeans, but also what type of look you prefer. I generally tend to move away from bootcut jeans because I have petite legs (see our bootcut or skinny jeans for petite women) and I often find that they can flood my body, but for those of you who use them absolutely love and you are one of the lucky women who look fantastic in them, here are the length tips for you!
So where should your jeans fall? When wearing bootcut jeans with heels, the ideal length for the hem is 1 cm above the floor. This leaves enough distance so that the denim doesn’t grind / touch the floor and get dirty, and it creates a really slim, clean and straight silhouette with the way the leg falls. You don’t want to walk any longer because they clump together and get dirty or damaged, and you definitely don’t want to be much shorter than the 1 cm guideline (2 cm at most) as this can make your legs look short. If you cover your heels so that only the tip shines through, you can really lengthen and lengthen your legs, creating a beautiful look and your jeans ideally fitting. I recommend hemming your bootcut jeans on your favorite shoes and storing them just for them. Hopefully you have many paragraphs with the same heel height so that you can work with multiple pairs!
If you’re a bit taller and like to wear flats a lot, bootcut jeans can still work if you know how to wear them and understand the correct length of jeans for your size. I know that they are often only seen as jeans for heels because they are smarter, but a nod into the 90s here can work for you too. If you wear bootcut jeans with flats, make sure you wear a medium blue to light blue wash and that the hems touch the floor. I’m not saying they should pull and be damaged by bundles of excess fabric, but just sliding them across the floor with a raw hem or a slightly frayed hem really adds to that laid-back Californian / Australian relaxed look. I personally don’t think smart bootcut jeans work with flats, so just wear the casual ones. In no case shorter than the floor, otherwise you will look very short and it is not flattering.
I have already mentioned that you want your bootcut jeans to be at most 1 to 2 cm above the floor. However, this rule applies to the entire length and elegant styles. A newer trend that comes to light is the trimmed flare / boot cut that hits you in the lower to middle calf. These jeans have been deliberately cut to this length for a brand new feel and cut. They are currently enjoying growing popularity. You want to make sure that you hit them a few inches above your ankle, below half from knee to ankle, somewhere in the third lower quadrant of your legs. These will look fantastic worn in this length!

How long should bootcut jeans be for men?
Many men often choose bootcut jeans because they feel more comfortable in them and don’t feel like skinny jeans. Therefore, the key to looking stylish is that you have the right length. There’s nothing worse than showing up in a fancy place, fluttering around and making your entire outfit look bad with bootcut jeans that are miles long and don’t fit properly. So line them up and follow these correct length rules for different shoes and you will look sharp!