Tuesday , 14 July 2020
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Having the wrong bridal lingerie can easily ruin your big day. Just as you save time to shop for your wedding dress, you should do with lingerie. That's because they are the foundation that gives the wedding dress the total flow. You really don't want any visible lines, straps and lumps on your big day.


It is very important that you resist the temptation to simply go in to shop for lingerie to wear on your wedding day. You must first examine how your wedding dress fits your body for an opportunity to learn which type of lingerie is best for you. This is also important considering that you may want to make last minute changes to your wedding dress. It is therefore imperative that you only think about shopping for lingerie to wear on your wedding day when you have decided on the wedding dress you are going to have.

How to shop

How you shop your lingerie depends on which lingerie you need to buy. For example, you must decide whether or not you will need to wear a bra. Note that there are wedding dresses whose structure denies the need to wear a bra. Any lingerie you choose to buy should be the right size for your wedding dress.

You have three options when it comes to choosing what type of lingerie to buy; classic, seamless and shapewear.

  • Classic Type – Adding a classic type of lingerie gives you the opportunity to wear any of your favorites including knickers. Classic lingerie is most appropriate if your wedding dress provides enough space underneath.
  • Seamless type – Choose this type if you have a slim body, in which case your wedding dress is also slim fit. Seamless type lingerie is best worn with one-layer wedding dresses.
  • Shapewear Type – Choose form-fitting type of underwear if your wedding dress is designed to highlight certain parts of the body.

Two things that must always be kept in mind when choosing bridal lingerie to buy are the fit and the color. Your lingerie needs to fit you properly and must have the right color depending on the color of your wedding dress.