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A Chelsea boot is a close fitting, elastic-sided boot, usually with a high heel. It is worn by both men and women. The boot is considered an iconic article in Britain's fashion history, especially in the 1960s. It is named after the well-off and posh area of ​​south-west London. Chelsea is not just a block in London, but also a symbol of wealth and power, which is also the case with luggage.

How it was designed

Chelsea Boot was designed during the Victorian era. The man behind this was J.Sparks-Hall, Queen Victoria's shoemaker. The invention of vulcanized rubber played an important role in the successful development of the trunk.

Uses in history

Chelsea boots have been used for a variety of purposes throughout history. Originally they were used for horseback riding but gradually they were used for walking and now for many formal and informal activities. Many famous by influential people throughout history have worn this boot which has increased its popularity exponentially. Members of one of the most influential music music history, The Beatles, were frequently discovered with it. Their famous rivals, the rolling stones, have also worn it.

Chelsea boots today

Chelsea boots continue to be popular for the most part due to their fine blend of simplicity and class. They look appropriate with many different types of clothing. They have a charm and history that other types of shoes simply do not have. That's why Chelsea fans are Chelsea fans.