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Men's Tarleton Lake Relaxed Fit Chino Pant | Timberland US Sto

Chino is a type of fabric that is woven in a twill pattern, usually with cotton. This material is usually used to create pants and is aimed at men's clothing. In the industry today, the pants made with this material carry the name Chino pants. Simply put, they could be understood as a cross between khakis and formal trousers. The biggest advantage Chino pants provide is in the variety, where they can be worn as a good alternative to the most common casual men's clothing, jeans.

Here are some ways to use Chino pants.

Semi Formals

As a good cross between khakis and formal trousers, they launch the new section of men's dress clothing, called semi-formal dresses. They can be worn for a light social event or gatherings with the family, where they pass easily as trendy and yet modest. If worn properly, they can also be used as business clothes.


The chino pants require one aspect of the person wearing them, the fit. These pants cannot be selected and expect them to be loose. They are known for providing a smart vision and therefore they must be worn to fit exactly to body size today.


The best thing about these pants is their ability to match almost any type of top. Unlike jeans, they are not limited in color. They have bold and different colors that make it easy to find several tops that match them.


The most important accessory for men is the shoes. With Chino pants one can overcome the limited range of shoes such as the black and brown, and can dare to choose some trendy colors that give a good complement to these pants and overall view of the wearer.