Friday , 10 July 2020
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Top 10 Worst Christmas Jumpers | LDNfashi

What makes Christmas jumpers unique and special? The fact that these jumpers are associated with Christmas and most times they are hand-woven by the elderly in the family. It was generally the tradition that was followed for almost 20 years. Today, the industry has its own line of Christmas jumpers, which makes it easier for the elderly. But the most difficult part of these jumpers is to use them outside the home. The fact that these jumpers are tailor-made can make them quite difficult to find a match to wear for social events.

Let's look at the three possibilities where three common patterns of Christmas jumpers can be used.


These jumpers are quite common with modest designs at the front, but they are woven with orthodox fabric colors. This type of hopper could be worn perfectly with some old style vests and some amazing colorful pumps for women. In this way they are uniform from a styling point of view, but you can still find them trendy enough to wear them this way outside the home.


This type of Christmas jumpers has a heavy pattern at the front, which is quite colorful. The code for styling always says that a heavy pattern must always be accompanied by modest and subtle sidekicks. In this case, because the jumpers are heavy, you can wear them with light and subtle pants like dark leggings, along with some trendy and bold pumps or boots.


This type of jumper is quite modern in appearance and has a bright pattern of spree but with a modern choice of fabric and colors. These can be worn with a fantastic skirt and amazing sandal pumps. With proper styling, these jumpers could also be used for social events.