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Christmas is a time for gifts. If not planned earlier, this gift shop can become quite boring, as most of the stores have their warehouses emptied as Christmas approaches. One of the simplest gifts you can pick up for the women in the family and friends circle at Christmas is the sweaters. When the industry gets serious with this line there is a whole assortment of different Christmas sweaters for women out there. Christmas sweaters are a great gift because they are personal and special, as they come around the festive season.

Let's look at the different styles of Christmas sweaters for women.

High neck

This type of sweater is designed with body-sized proportions and contains extra fabric around the neck, which can allow one to cover the neck area or leave them open. These are great sweaters, especially for people who are extra sensitive to cold. The extra piece of fabric around the neck does a good job of providing the extra protection against cold. This type of sweater is usually long in size.

crew neck

This style of Christmas women's sweater is the most common sweater out there. They are designed with a round collar, like those in t-shirts. They are perfect for people who can handle a little cold. However, they can also be used with a scarf around the neck to protect against extra cold.


This style of Christmas sweater is perhaps the most expensive. Cardigan is the softest material from which the sweaters are woven. They give a really soft and cozy feel to the wearer, while also providing a good protection against cold. They are usually worn in jackets.