Sunday , 9 August 2020
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Sexy Clear Heels - Lucite Heels - Block Heels - $45.

Clear heels are high heel shoes for women made of transparent material. The material used to manufacture such shoes is PVC or polycarbonate material because of their stability and flexibility in design. Most of these heels are seen to include platform together with the heels. The platform together with the heels gives women extra height, which sometimes comes as a blessing for the short ones. The clear heels also appear to be regular shoes of the tall women, because of the attractive attitude it creates, and the transparency of the shoes gives the extra hot factor.

Let's take a look at some styling tips for clear heels.


One of the best features of this shoe is its ability to match the usual casual wear and raise efforts when it comes to keeping it casual and yet attractive. They fit perfectly with a white top or light color along with slim skinny jeans. They can be worn this way for casual outings on a summer day and sometimes for the clubs as well.


These shoes have another perfect match clothing, the skirts. A pair of such shoes is a must for women who want to hit the dance floor and beautiful their curves. These shoes fit well with all types of skirts, except the long ones, and can be worn with any top.

Dresses and LBD

The self-mates in these shoes are the short dresses and LBD (small black dresses) that can be worn for all club events, social gathering and also for high profile social events. All you need to complete the perfect harmony between short dresses or LBD with clear heels are some fantastic accessories, and thus seal the deal and say the title of the show's fashionista.