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Necessary jeans are becoming very popular today. You can find them by going into any store, but if you choose what you wear, you can create your own pair of such type of jeans by following a series of simple steps. The procedure is quite simple and is mentioned in the points below so that you can get an idea of ​​how it is done.

Prefer an old jeans pair

Pick out an old pair of jeans, as it is wise to practice your development ability on something old so that you do not lose anything valuable if you happen to do something wrong.

Protect the other side

You need to place something under the jeans surface to protect the areas you do not want to be in need of. You can do this with a solid surface such as an ironing board or cardboard box.

Use a cheese grater

You can easily create a distressed jeans by using an ostrich. You just have to rub it against the surface of the jeans. Other options in this regard include scissors, blades and knives.

Add bleach

It is important that you bleach your pair of newly created distressed jeans to give it a vibrant look.

Wash and use

When you are done teasing your jeans, you need to wash it before you wear it as it softens the surfaces of the fabrics.