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Dress shirts frame the face elegantly during a presentation and also play a supporting role by improving their sports jacket but it can still stand alone and be the counterpart in our outfit. The prices for sweaters vary and range from as low as $ 10 up to as high as $ 600.

What is a dress shirt?

This is simply a button-down shirt with collar, long sleeves and cuffs on the wrist. Dress shirts are usually made of cotton woven and colored in different patterns and colors. In general, send the dress shirt you chose to carry a clear message if you are going to sports or meet the president.

The dress shirt fits

The most important feature of a well-fitting dress shirt is the comfort of it. This is different depending on the size of the wearer. Larger men usually wear a looser fit while smaller men complete a shape cut but generally:

  • A shirt should allow only two fingers in the collar when buttoned.
  • A dress shirt should be hard enough against the wearer's wrist in such a way that the cuff must be removed to slip off.
  • Have enough space in the chest and waist to be able to squeeze 1-3 inches of fabric depending on the desired fit.
  • The sleeves of the dress should be long enough so that you can lift the arms and the sleeves do not pull down the forearm, and should also be short enough so that you do not get more than 1 inch of fabric coupling near the cuff when the arms are vertically relaxed.