Tuesday , 11 August 2020
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Noisy May faux leather jacket | AS

Faux leather jacket is a great way to take your outerwear to greater heights. A better way to get a perfect look is to mix your leather jacket with a summer dress or a sweater dress in the winter. This jacket offers a wide range of versatility and you can mix them with lots of other clothes and put on them for any occasion. Here are some ideas about these amazing leather jackets that you may want to try.

Going relaxed

You can settle into a new casual look with these jackets to meet friends or attend a class. Get the amazing casual look with your skinny jeans and match them with high boots. You can embark on an evening adventure in your black jacket and patterned shirt. If you have an accent dark wash jeans or a light wash jeans, you can mix it well with a light brown jacket.

Going official

Is it possible to wear your faux leather jacket in the office? Definitely yes, it fits well with printed dresses or pants. You can make it more appealing by adding brown jacket to your printed dresses. Or you could go for a black jacket that matches your white shirt and white pants. If you think of the sweet brown pumps you can match them well with a brown jacket. A wide range of professional dresses match well with these jackets, from suits that differ in winter to mantle dresses in summer.