Saturday , 4 July 2020
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Men's Red Fox Hooded Faux Fur Coat | Mens Faux Fur Coa

Accessories made of fur like fur jackets, fur boots and fur shawls are known to keep the body warm and cozy. The presence of fur is about as old as humanity. Primitive Homo sapiens who lived in caves, lit fire with a rubbing of stones used to cover themselves with animal fur. This not only hides their private parts but also keeps them warm.

fur coat

Today, modern fabric and synthetically made clothing material greatly replaces fur items because they are much cheaper and more easily accessible. But conventional fur items like fur jackets, fur shawls and fur leggings still have the real charm and are a design of luxury and class. Every year before winter arrival you will see hundreds of designers all over the world who use animal fur as their basic theme to launch their winter theme. Fur hats, fur gloves and fur belts have also been introduced.

Fur-producing animals

Countries that are rich in living populations are a great source of animal fur. Cats, sheep, goat, rabbit, fox seal, otter and saber are few of many fur-producing animals. But in many developed countries such as the United States, they change the name of fur and mislead buyers by using neat names for their article. I was devastated to know the fake name of the Mongolian wolf who was given a dog fur jacket. These deceptive attitudes need to be addressed to avoid customer exploitation. Fur undergoes several processes before it is on the market and a layman cannot even think about what animal fur he / she wears.