Sunday , 5 July 2020
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Fashion plays an important role in one's life. It makes you creative in your everyday life. Colors are an important part of fashion. Without color, our lives would be boring. Some colors never get too old to wear. Just like green. Green is also the color of nature, it indicates calm and creates a calming effect on the person. It is also considered that green symbolizes freshness and balance. So let's invent your wardrobe with several shades of green color.

Perfect for any occasion:

Green dresses can be worn in all formal and informal events. It is also the color of spring, so you attend all events over the coming week and then wear a green dress. Green conveys positivity, so it would be wise to wear it on your first day of work. There are different shades of green that may be suitable for different events. If you attend a formal dinner, you can wear an emerald green dress. It would not only make you attractive but also stand out in the crowd.

Even for casual use:

Green is not just the color of formal wear. In fact, it looks refreshing for casual wear. You can wear knee length green dress to your school. Green allows you to complement it with different colors. White goes with green pretty incredible. You can wear a white top with a green skirt. You can also wear a shoulder dress outside a beach party. It also looks professional in daily work.