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Gelyu Harem Pants – Kidorim

Harem pants are most liked and designed for children who are usually young girls. These are the loosely designed light pants. Their main function is their baggy style which makes the child feel comfortable while playing or sleeping. They are sewn with a loose fit from the upper part and the bracket is tightened as they go down along close ankles.

Harem pants pattern for children:

There are many variations in harem pants styles. Some of the styles are as follows,

  • Tapered pants harem pants style with pockets at the front
  • Full on hammer style pants
  • Knee-length harem pants

Different styles of wearing harem pants:

Although harem pants are best for children but they are also considered as perfect for young girls and are liked in both eastern and western culture. This style of pants suits ladies of all sizes and ages, today's need is that they should be chosen with perfect size and style. The following are some tips for dressing elegantly in harem pants,

  • Heavy or bulky imagined women should prefer harem pants with darker shades and in larger prints so that they can feel a little slim
  • At the same time, women with a small body appearance will look better in lighter shades and small print.
  • Solid colors and funky designs are considered the best for casual wear by harem pants.
  • This type of trousers will be more attractive if worn with suitable and elegant tops made of different materials.