Thursday , 2 July 2020
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They are quite versatile and elegant. The long-sleeved sweaters can be unisex, that is, they can be worn by both men and women. But the men's and women's shirts are designed with different styles. You have to pay attention to your style and your personal preference.

Factors to consider

The long sleeve shirts come in different materials and you have to think about it. You can choose to choose cotton shirts that are breathable and durable. They are perfect for the summer months. Linen is an expensive material but it gives the shirt its elegance and class. Polyester is also another different material that you may want to consider. Polyester is quite durable and does not wrinkle. You may want to avoid these shirts especially during the summer months as they do not absorb moisture. Wool can be a perfect option for you especially in winter because they are warm.

You may want to consider the shirt. You have to choose a suitable shirt that will flatter your body. The various stores offer you size charts that help you determine your actual size. For women's shirt, you have to pay attention to the neckline. The color is also important to take into account as it will create a different look.

Wear the shirts

The shirts are quite versatile and can be worn with different clothes. You may want to consider the color of the pants you should be wearing.