Wednesday , 5 August 2020
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I. Madeline Dress - Black Floral Print Dress - Midi Dress - Dre

Tired of wearing full length skirts or the revealing skimpy mini skirts? Relax! Midi is here!

Midi? What's that?

Simple…. It is a skirt that is half pocket between a mini and full length skirt. It is a skirt that reaches all the way down to the knees and sometimes up to the middle calf, which makes it possible to show on the lovely shapely legs without having the desire to pull the trap to stretch it down a little further. This beautiful feminine wonder is called midi.


The dilemma with this dress is just one thing – "how to wear it?" Midi, if worn properly, can actually look very pretty and attractive. You have to keep in mind certain aspects when choosing midi. First, check if the length is right and flatter you. Next is the most important accessory that can move if the shoes are not suitable. So choose foot wear with great care. The midi dress, which is knee-length to the middle of the calf, tends to make you look shorter. So choosing high heels is the best option. The higher the heels, the better it is. If high heels are a definite "no", then choose a low or minimal heel, but never go for flats, as they would make you look great.

Accessories Gallery

Accessories midi with waist length coats or sweaters or full length coats. Midi is a perfect fit for any occasion. It is attractive, sophisticated and easy to carry. Just pair it with your best pair of heels and you're ready to take on the world !!