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A moccasin is an outside slipper, the product of moose epidermis or other soft leather-based, consisting of a sole. The sole is gentle and pliable and the higher part is usually decorated with embroidery or beads. Although regularly worn inside, it is mainly intended for outdoor use, such as exploring wilderness and running. Moccasins for women can be worn for everyday purposes because they are very comfortable and easy to handle.

Very comfortable

Women moccasins are so tender and flexible that they may never feel unpleasant. You have in no way bought sore toes or blisters from wearing sheepskin moccasins that you can wear from fashion shoes. In addition, the common characteristics of sheepskin means that they keep your feet warm or cool depending on your body temperature. When you consider that they are so flexible they are also the excellent shoes for riding.


Moccasins for women, whether they are sheepskin, leather, suede and even epidermis, are the height of the trend and these classic sneakers can seem first class with most clothing from casual to dressed. In addition to sneakers, you can discover fashionable boots in the ankle or knee with high moccasins, golf and even slippers for use. They have been in and out of fashion considering the Stone Age and even if they are out of trend now you can be sure that they will come back again sooner or later, so it may be worth including a couple or two for your cloth closet.