Sunday , 5 July 2020
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Nike Mens Free Trainer 5 0 V5 Red Black Woven Running Shoes 579809 .

Nike produces the best training shoe for a while. Nike Free Trainer 5.0 is the latest in this range of shoes. The idea behind the design of this shoe is to create the lightweight shoe, which mimics the feeling of running barefoot, and offers you the huge amount of support in all movements; right from line drills and running to lift (so they claim). So what they got from this was the understanding of the natural movements of the foot; and how it is angled and positioned when it hits the ground, along with which foot areas have high pressure on impact.
Comfort was the main focus in the design of the shoe. One way they achieved was to use "no-sy construction." This makes the shoe flexible and fluid, eradicates the seams and makes this shoe very comfortable. But most of the comfort of these shoes generally comes from the sole. Nike Free Trainer 5.0 gives you a thick sole that in the realm of comfort will do a very good job of absorbing the pressure that is treated when the foot hits the ground. But I thought that the thickness of this sole removes the use of this shoe. Although the shoe is very lightweight, the sole feels clumsy while performing various movements. This made it a little difficult to get a sensory perception of where the foot was in relation to the ground – and something that can be very important during exercises like boxing.
Structural design of shoe is quite interesting. Nike Free Trainer 5.0 also features dual draw runs modeled after Chinese finger trap. The idea behind creating the upper of the shoe in this way is to give the foot continuous support while performing the large variation in the movements. Double draw system locks around the foot, creating a tight and glove fit that is made to move with movement. It is definitely the features of Nike that have been very successful. As a shoe, the Free Trainer gives you significant protection; but like CrossFit shoes, the shoes do not stack up completely. The overall thickness of the upper mesh and woven helps the dynamic fit technique to protect your foot in hard bumps, while the thick outer sole of this shoe is impervious. The reason why the shoes are not very protective when it comes to CrossFit is unlike other brand models, they are not made with the special features that protect your foot from the CrossFit movements. especially double bottoms, rope climbs, burpees or toe-to-bars. Compared to other tested shoes, the bulk of this design makes Nike Trainer 5.0s less sensitive. Even if you do not feel ground under your feet as you perform movements, deep grooves in the outsole improve the flexibility of your shoe and promote natural foot movement.