Tuesday , 14 July 2020
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Evelyn Embroidered Peasant Top | Lucky Bra

There is no second thought when it comes to peasant top being an easy trend for wear. However, it is also possible to convert the peasant top into a flower fiasco by following certain rules. Any bootleg or straight leg jeans can be paired with a peasant top or an embroidered top. It's better to avoid a trouser or a denim cut, if it gives too much of the '70s look.

Style peasant tops appropriately

For peasant blouses that are short, one can complement the outfit with a simple belt and jewelery. The peasant top along with the jeans can be paired with sandals such as wedges, chunky heels or even flats. It is better to avoid any sandals with ornaments. Always try to keep it plain and simple. Never ever pair your outfit with cowboy boots if you want to stay in style.

Accessorize your peasant tops

The peasant top is usually for casual days and for the days you are running your errands, but in style. The peasant tops can be paired with a handbag of any style, essential to your everyday routine. You can even try to mix match your purses with the top until you find the perfect match. You can leave your hair loose, or keep it wavy. You can even pull back your hair into a ponytail or an up do while keeping the casual look. Avoid any hats or pigtails while opting for a side braid. On the finishing note, throw in a pair of dark sunglasses and you're good to go.