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A plaid skirt is made of wool fabric with a checkered pattern. All material woven in different colored yarns in a cross-stitched pattern is called checkered. In Scotland, a rectangular wool scarf with a controlled pattern is used over the left shoulder of the Scottish Highlands. Plaid skirts are usually used by the Scottish people. It is known to be their traditional costume.

The fit for plaid skirts

Plaid skirt can be cone or tubular garment hanging in the waist or hips. The bottom of the skirt is floor length or very briefly known as micro. Each wears the skirt according to their personal taste or the natural notions of modesty. Very often the cut of the dress is affected by the current fashion. Sometimes skirts are used that are squared squares with shorts, swimsuits and leggings. Kilt, which is a traditional garment in Scotland and Ireland, also consists of a plaid skirt. A plaid skirt can also be made of a single material that can be draped at the waist and tied. Plaid skirts are part of Western culture.

Use of plaid skirts

Today, plaid skirts are used by tennis players. These skirts also form part of uniforms from some schools. They can be used for a dress or as everyday wear. They can be sewn in different ways, for example with knife folds, box folds, accordion folds, cartridge folds and happy folds. A common way to wear pleated skirts is by adding them with other wardrobe parts.