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You are likely to have an exciting shoe or heel near you. Have you ever thought if you have a silver band heels Silver band heels are some of the most popular strappy shoes that you need to think about. This is especially because silver is a color that fits well with dresses of any color. Silver heels are also very suitable for wear regardless of season or occasion. There are three very important factors to consider when shopping for the best strappy heels in silver.

Type of strap

There are simply many strap variants:

Wristbands – These are long straps that in most cases go longer than the ankle. They can be designed to cross all the way to the ankle or simply tied around the ankle. Strappy heels in silver are suitable for wear on fancy occasions or cocktail parties.

Thick Belts – These are usually thick belts that are commonly used on silver heels with thick heels. The straps cross over the toe and tighten around your ankle or heel. They are best worn with simple shorts or sundresses.

Type of heel

Not all silver-banded heels are designed with the same heel. The different types of heels are:

  • Stiletto – These are long and thin heels. Silver heels with these heels are best worn with evening dresses, cocktail dresses or slim jeans.
  • Cone – These are heels designed to be wide to the top and narrow to the floor. They are usually thicker than stilettos.
  • Kitten – These are short heels that measure anything between ½ inch to 2 inches high.
  • Chunky – These are thick rectangular heels that are often fixed on heels with platforms.

Silver-banded heels can also be flats, sandals or with wedge heels.


The strap is made with different materials that determine their appeal, functionality and durability. You can choose a heel whose strap is made of leather, synthetic leather or any other material.