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There are other thoughts when it comes to choosing stiletto heels as shoes for formal events or other elegant parties. For amateurs who have just started with heels, walking in stilettos can be quite challenging. If you are determined, you can go in stiletto heels with as much confidence and gracefulness as you would any other heels. The following steps will help you get into your stiletto heels:

Start by buying a decent pair of stiletto heels

Don't worry about the budget. Cheaper ones tend to break fairly easily. Also, they can be quite uncomfortable, plus they don't seem nice. This may be the last thing you want on your list when testing the stiletto heels for the first time.

Make sure the toes fit in the heel when buying

You should not feel pinched or tight when walking. Narrow toe is quite worse after a few hours in that pressure.

Check the width of the stilettos

The width of the heel should not be too narrow. If the width is narrow, add heel lining. Always remember that rubber can be used as a replacement for a plastic heel tip to give you a softer walk.

Check the location of the arch and the center of the heel

The heel of the shoe must be centered under your own heel. The arch of the foot must be fully supported by the shoe sole. The shoe will not fit properly if there is a gap where the bow is. This causes unnecessary pain.