Thursday , 2 July 2020
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T-shirt printing can be a great hobby to do, as it will not only be fun, but can also generate a few coins for those who are business savvy. It can also be a great way for you to save some money if you only need a few t-shirts to print for a specific event. Two easy-to-follow techniques are shared in this article.

Inkodye printing

For this you need a cotton t-shirt, inkodye, iron, foam core or cardboard, a frame, applicator and a bowl. The t-shirt printing process is quite simple, because you will need to place the cardboard box in the t-shirt, frame the area where you need to place the image, and then apply the ink on that area. Place the image on the painted area, smooth it out a few times and let it rest in direct sunlight. After a few minutes you can remove the negative and the image is now transferred to your t-shirt. The T-shirt should then be washed to remove any debris.

Transfer paper printing

Much simpler than the previous technology, you need your t-shirt, transfer paper, your computer and a printer. This t-shirt printing technique requires that you mirror the image to be transferred to the t-shirt with the image editor. The image should then be printed on the transfer paper, with caution that it should be a mirror image of it on the computer and that it fits perfectly with the transfer paper. The T-shirt should then be ironed and placed on a surface that can withstand heat, such as a cutting board. The image is then placed on the t-shirt and ironed firmly on all areas of the transfer paper until the paper sticks firmly to the t-shirt. You should then allow the t-shirt to cool and then remove the transfer paper to reveal the image on the t-shirt.