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It is quite obvious why t-shirt names are given to crew neck shirts. But if you don't know, here is some information for you about t-shirts. T-shirts owe the T-shape to the body and sleeves. Neckless short sleeves are the main features of the t-shirt. T-shirts have a round neckline.

T-shirts for women

T-shirts for women has gained the same popularity as men. The cozy and comfortable fabric makes it ideal for everyday use. They usually consist of cotton fibers knitted in a jersey seam. Because the fabric is lightweight, they are the preferred choice for women in summers. But on winters wearing a blazer over a t-shirt will instantly change your look from casual to semi-formal.

Print and pattern

Needless to say t-shirts for women available in different styles and sizes. They are usually cheap unless they are designed by some extraordinary and exotic designer. Pink, purple, red, green, blue, white, black and almost all colors are available in t-shirts. Now you can grab your favorite t-shirt and wear it with denim jeans, ripped shorts or even a mini skirt to look hot babe. You can further enhance your elegance with high heels or wedges. Pumps also look good with casual clothing. Today, digitally printed t-shirts are very much in fashion, especially in the United States. Now you can print the desired image or logo on your shirt. This idea is widely adopted by teens using graffiti t-shirts.