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Shoes are the best accessory you can get to complement your style factor. In fact, in many cases shoes are considered to be a rather important addition to a person's fashion sense to show that they are complete from a fashion point of view. However, the importance of shoes is not only limited when it comes to adding style quotas, there are also a lot of utility shoes, which are necessary depending on the type of application. Tretorn shoes have a whole range of utility shoes that are specifically designed for different purposes. Let's look at these shoes.

Hunting Shoes

This type of Tretorn shoes is most often used during hunting, as the name suggests. They are usually made of rubber, which is known to last a long time and has strong grip on the sole and provides good traction. These are usually long shoes up to the knee level.

rubber boots

This type of Tretorn shoes are made of rubber and are available in different sizes, from the long, up to the knee level, to the short, up to the ankle level. These shoes are more focused on leisure and outdoor activities.

hiking shoes

The hiking shoes from Tretorn shoes are made of rubber and are known to be quite sturdy for hiking. These shoes are also known to have good traction. In addition, all these shoes are waterproof and also easy to maintain.

Normal shoes

These shoes from Tretorn shoes are made of synthetic material and not rubber. The style of shoes they make ranges from casual wear to sports shoes. They are known for a long time because of their unique single design that does not wear easily.