Friday , 3 July 2020
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Chic Turquoise Pumps - Suede Pumps - Pointed Pumps - $23.

I have my prom night this weekend. Me and my friends have decided on the turquoise theme of the day. I have planned that I would buy a turquoise tulle skirt and will supplement it with turquoise heels. Although I'm not petite but I suppose having heels essentially would be required to integrate elegance and style into my walk.


Since I am a student, my pockets are not full of so many dollars. I hope I surf the web and by researching the market, I will certainly and buy some nice turquoise heels. Although I buy these heels specific for school nights, they can also be used in combination with the other summer dresses because turquoise is too vibrant to complement other pastel colors. You can easily find heels with varying heights depending on your needs. However, 3 – 4 inch heels are ideally suited for the occasion.

Other combination with turquoise heels

If you intend to use these turquoise heels With other dresses there are some options for you. Fine jeans will definitely look charming with turquoise heels. You can even wear them with ripped shorts or turquoise printed tights. If you have some nice long legs then wear turquoise heels with ankle strap not only adorn your skinny legs but also incredibly garnish your clothes. Make sure that when you buy some heels, they should be comfortable and cozy enough that they cannot damage your feet because your feet are valuable.