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Vintage Glasgow Brown Tweed Suit - Ready Size : StudioSuits: Made .

Tweed costumes are used to dress up for casual clothes by Irish and British people. If you look at tweed carefully you will see that tweed fabric consists of compact weave patterns that give this fabric durability. The tweed suit can withstand extreme weather, as the tweed wool fabric is very warm and cozy.

Introduction and use of tweed costume

The credit to introduce tweed to the fashion industry goes to the people of Scotland. The event behind the origin of the name tweed is interesting. A small misspelling of tweel to tweed that was considered relevant to the Tweed River led to the name tweed cloth. It was twin fabric which means the fabric was woven to have a diagonal parallel ridges.

Use tweed jacket for your smart look

If you want to be eclectic with your look, try tweed jackets to fine-tune your look. You don't have to be color conscious for leggings or pants instead you can do a lot of experimentation. But black and deep blue shades contain so much versatility that they can complement almost all shades and colors of the tweed jacket. If you already have some nice jeans, you can get a heroic look for yourself. You can get your custom tweed jacket from your favorite designer or you can even search online for countless suppliers who offer tweed jackets with very reasonable prices. To attract your gaze further take into account your footwear as shoes definitely show your personality.