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A cardigan is usually a blouse that can be designed with buttons, zippers or straps used to close or tie at the front. Most cardigans are knitted and usually worn when it's cold. They come in different sizes, colors, lengths and patterns. There are different types of cardigans depending on the style and one such style is the waterfall cardigan that can flatter your body properly. As with other types of cardigans, the water type cardigan is available in different sizes, colors, lengths, sleeves and materials used. Unlike other types of cardigans, but waterfall type cardigans can be conveniently worn during the summer.

Not all water type cardigans are suitable for wear all the time and below is when and how to wear one.

At work

The waterfall type cardigan is the best option for your fitted blazer. Wearing one with classic shoes allows you to present the formal look that the office requires. One in gray should be perfect.


Wearing a suitable cardigan with your jeans while at home can be very stylish. Wear one with a T-shirt to stay comfortable all day. There are no color restrictions here and you can wear one in your favorite color.

At night

A waterfall skirt should be your choice when you need to go out to a club or when attending an evening party. You just need to make sure the cardigan is in a color that complements the color of your dress.

It is also important to investigate other factors when shopping for the right waterfall type of cardigans. Some of the factors that you need to consider are your body shape, your size, type of cleft closure and cuffs.