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There are different shoes for different activities. Asics GT II is a type of shoe that is not for driving. It is quite considered a sneaker that can be worn to walk or do light things but not to exercise or run or other physical activities.

There are things that many people do that make their choice of shoes wrong. One of these things is that they get what is practical. There are many different shoes there but individuals do not take into account the things or activities that they will do. This is one thing that people need to think about. There are shoes that are made for walking but not for running or for playing basketball or tennis. The soles and support for the different activities are different for each shoe.

Not all rubber shoes are for all physical activities. As Asics GT II is not made to drive. It can be used for walking in the mall or for light exercise, but not for heavy physical activity.

The difference between running shoes and other shoes like tennis shoes or shoes used for basketball is that running shoes do not have side support. What this means is that since you are only moving forward, all the support is against the forefoot and heel. While the tennis shoes and shoes used for basketball, for example, have side supports because you just don't step forward for the most part, you move aside. That is why they have side support.

Shoes that are ready to walk are most of the time more support at the heel because when you walk you are more of the heel striker than the forefoot. To run the forefoot works more than the heel unless you are heavier and usually be heel eaters anyway, running shoes have support on both the back and the forefoot. It is also important to look into a shoe that fits like a glove on your feet. This will prevent an individual from having contamination and other pain on their feet when doing activities.

You must also remember that it is not good to use the same shoes for a long time. The reason for buying a new one is not because it looks worn but the support is no longer there. Support is why you have to change shoes. Most of it is a year. If you do not drive often, a year is perfect. But if you do physical activities every day, it is suggested that you change shoes every six months. The reason for this is that if the necessary support is not there, pain in the foot, arch, knee and back will eventually show up.