Sunday , 5 July 2020
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Blondo boots are becoming one of the best winter boots. Footwear is waterproof and is a serious contender with other winter clothing boots on the market today. It is not only ideal for wear due to its waterproof ability but also comes in elegant designs that flatter the wearer.

Make-up by Blondo Boots

The boots are made of leather that is waterproof and combined with outsoles and sealed seams. On the inside, foot wear has some comfort gel pads as well as insulating EVA foam which is designed to give the wearer high comfort.

Manages Blondo boots

Even though the boots are waterproof and can withstand the harsh winter season, you should be careful to keep the boots in good condition. It is therefore recommended that:

  • Spray a leather cover on the luggage compartment as they begin to show signs of aging. To make sure this works well, start with a small leather patch, see the effect it will have before continuing to spray the entire boots.
  • Only use sneakers on Blondo skins but not on suede and nubuck shoes.
  • When it comes to cleaning, use a smelly suede brush to do the job. If you need to use protective or detergent packaged in evaporated bottles, first spray on a cloth and then apply to the areas needed.
  • Avoid using liquid silicone products on the boots' seams and leather, as this tends to damage the surface treatment and erode the waterproof seal.