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Do you have a wardrobe full of boho clothes and are you looking for tips to design them properly? Here are some tips you can follow to maximize the versatility of your wardrobe full of boho clothes.

Maxi skirts

When you want to create a bohemian look, you can always rely on cool maxi skirts. Simple and solid skirts are the best for creating a boho look. You might consider wearing a maxi with a graphic design t-shirt. You might also consider wearing a maxi skirt with a floppy sun hat and a v-neck colored t-shirt. Complete look with a bold lipstick.

Printed maxi dresses

Nature-inspired or geometric prints can help you nail the look. Pair the dress with wedge sandals and chunky jewelry. For a more relaxed look, you can choose denim vests.

Blouses and tunics

When planning for a bohemian style, tunics are the first thing that crosses people's minds. Farmer peaks are becoming more popular. Embroidered tops work well to create the look. Tunic can be paired with platform sandals, earthy jewelry and flared jeans. You can even wear these with leggings and a pair of high boots.

Eye-catching print

For a free and lively look, you need to choose geometric and bold prints. You can choose multicolored mini shirts. You can pair these with gladiator sandals and a chambray shirt. You can pair a flowy and full-length maxi dress with chunky wooden bracelets and platform sandals to nail the look.