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As they say clothes make a man. The first thing we notice about a person is the attire and it is the men's sweater that gets good attention. No matter what type of shirt a man wears, formal dress shirt or casual or t-shirt, it is important that he creates a good impression – a cool look. It is only possible if you are comfortable in what you are wearing. So what makes you feel comfortable and look daring and cool?

The perfect fit

Its summer time and it means hot sweaty weather. Your clothing must be suitably airy and loose. It does not mean that you wear a shirt that is two sizes larger. Your shirt must fit comfortably at the shoulder, but may be a little loose in the chest and waist. Such shirts are usually not worn with a jacket so the fit must be suitable while avoiding the sweaty show as far as possible.

The line and the length

The shirt should have a good cut – it should not look stretched and must have clear sharp lines. Because the shirt is worn without a jacket, the length must not be too long or too short. While the shirt should cover the waist properly, it should not go all the way down the back.

The style

The casual sweater has many styles to its value. Most notable are the pockets, shoulder straps and back sleeves.

The colors

The summer shirts are available in cool colors like light blue, green, cream etc to beat the heat.