Tuesday , 11 August 2020
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A flannel shirt can be worn all year round, but they look best in winter or fall. Plaid shirts, which some people like to call them, are very versatile and offer you a million ways to wear them with other clothes. And don't forget that they are cozy, comfortable and in most circumstances cheap. Since flannels are one of the most flattering outcomes during cold weather, you definitely can't afford to miss anything about them. You probably don't want to get caught in a bullet to just wear them with jeans or boots. Flannel offers versatility and here are some ideas to get you started with them.

Put it under your cardigan

If you have the favorite cardigan that you have always wanted to put on but do not have a perfect blouse or shirt for it, you can try it with a flannel. Flannel looks wonderfully worn under a cardigan that makes the cold weather and helps you stay warm. Pair it with your jeans and flat heels for a cute look.

You have an oversized flannel

So you wondered which outfit fits well with your oversized flannel. How about wearing the cardigan instead of your blouse with denim shorts. Flannel shirt looks like a pretty perfect layer when worn with denim shorts and a pair of tights.

Accessories with a scarf

Access your flannel with a chunky knit scarf paired with a cap for an elegant look and stay warm. For a comfortable holiday season you can pair your flannel with a sturdy jeans.

These shirts have many other outfit designs you can try and the best part is that they match well with other clothes you choose.