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If the term cleats seems unfamiliar to you, you will be surprised to know that it is another name for football boots. With the arrival of the soccer world cup demand for football boots goes up tremendously several times. You will find every street and park in North America filled with soccer players of all ages.

History of soccer shoes

Primarily, long boots were used to play field games like football. This was a time of about 18th century when long heavy boots with long laces and steel toe caps were largely required. It was 19th century as properly adapted football boots was made. Since then, development has continued in style, design and pattern. Today, the shoes used during football games do not exactly refer to boots as they adequately cover the ankle. But in some designs, the ankle is completely exposed.

The nature of soccer shoes

Nature of football boots varies depending on the player's position in the field and also depending on the nature of the course. For grassy, ​​well-maintained places, as in Mega events, metal and plastic-based nail shoes are widely used. They offer a firm grip on the ground. However, recreational players can use simple sneakers for themselves. They will be sufficient and sufficient for their game. Today, football and soccer accessories have acquired market shares and changed to a game number by supporting it with various celebrities. Sponsorship earns large and heavy revenues for football and related industries.