Tuesday , 7 July 2020
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Weddings are currently filled with joy and joy. Weddings bring joy, drama, colors and lively movements with them. For the whole family it is an event of pleasure and happiness but for the bride and groom it is the day of happiness filled with nervousness.

The most difficult decision after choosing Mr Right is to choose the wedding dress. If you are not one of those brides who do not like everything being fancy and completely traditional, informal wedding dresses should be your choice.

Let's be the trendsetter:

Not all brides are the same. Everyone wants to look different on their big day. If you are not a traditional bride and love to break rules, don't worry, an informal wedding dress would be perfect for you. Some brides do not like to wear white, and others like to wear a full length dress. You can always choose a short and stylish dress in whatever color and style you want. And you would look pretty beautiful.

What should I match with it?

Accessories make your look even more appealing. So if you are planning to wear an informal wedding dress, choose some simple and elegant accessories that will match your dress. For example, if you wear a decent short white dress, then wear a delicate crown with it. A simple pendant would work with your overall look.


So now you can prepare for your wedding without losing your style.