Thursday , 2 July 2020
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Oh MY GOD, your wedding will happen soon. So much goes on around you. All preparations have been made, and you are just finished with your shoe color and design. So make a smart choice. Colors are not just colors, they have a reason to be that color. Shoe color tells a lot about your personality.

Why have ivory wedding shoes?

If you wear a light color, I have to suggest that you choose ivory wedding shoes for yourself. And why am I saying this? The reason behind this is that ivory color is a very soft color. It spreads calm and creates a soothing effect on the viewer. Nervousness is a common feeling on the day of the wedding. And if you were to wear ivory wedding shoes then they will make you feel relaxed.

What style of shoes?

The style of shoes depends on your design of the dress. If you wear a short ivory dress, you must go for high-heeled ivory wedding shoes to complement your look. And if you wear a long dress you can try wearing medium heels. Although obvious, it is no harm to remind you that you do not forget to match it with your clothing accessories. Even if you are in love with some style, but it does not feel comfortable for you, do not choose to go with something that offers comfort with style.