Friday , 10 July 2020
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The Perfect Match: How to do Korean-style couple dressing – Snippe

Different parts of the world have different styles of clothing that became what is now through years of change and improvement. Clothing style in a country reflects its cultural heritage. In this era of the internet, it is very easy to obtain almost everything even native clothing in another country through online shopping. One of the popular styles of clothing available on the global market is Korean. Korean style is clean, stylish and very simple compared to other types of complicated clothing available.


Men in Korea prefer to wear shirts or t-shirts and jeans or pants as much as men in all countries. But men here prefer tight fit or narrow dresses more than saggy dress. Even when it comes to shirts, they prefer the slim fit that flatter their body shape. Even jackets or coats they wear are slim, which prevents them from looking too big. There are different types of jackets they use and most usually have large collars. Men also wear sweaters on top of their shirts or t-shirts for attitude.


Women also prefer simple clothes such as tops and jeans or trousers with jackets or jackets. Other common clothes worn by women here include dresses, miniframes, long dresses and various other types of dresses similar to the back along with leggings. The use of winter clothing is also very common in Korean style. These dresses usually have patterns or regular backs. When wearing jeans it is common to see them in their boots.