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Stylish, classic and practical

Men from the earlier era had style and class, no doubt. Whatever today's designers may say, our current fashion is strongly inspired by them. Remember Rick Blain Casablanca, who made men's trench coat an iconic fashion statement? Even today, a trench coat is one of the best fashion elements you can add to your wardrobe, and whatever your style statement may be, add a hint of suave and class to it.

Choosing the right fabric and style

There are many fabrics used to make trenches for men, such as Glabardine, which is a tightly woven fabric of wool, polyesters and even blends; leather, from the various animals of the skin, known for its softness and durability; cotton drill, similar to gabardine, strong and durable and finally serge, a fabric common in military robes and uniforms.

The most traditional color in men's trench coats is khaki. If you have a large wardrobe to match the coat with, black can also be a good choice, while blue fits with a thin design. For leather trench coats, brown can be another good option. Those who are shorter in height may prefer a single digging beard, as a double circle would enclose a smaller ban. If you want to emphasize your physical features, a belt with trenches is what you're looking for.

No matter what the occasion or style, a stylish skirt is the best way to add your style and class to it, so look good when you do it.