Saturday , 4 July 2020
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Hamilton Sharkskin Light Gray Su

What is a shark skin suit?

Sharkskin is a smooth weave of comb that has a soft texture along with a woven look. It is one of the most popular choices for not only creating suits for men and women but also for jackets and coats. Although many may think that Sharkskin costumes are outdated, they have now firmly found their way into mainstream fashion. In fact, many celebrities in the A-list wear shark skin suits at major events and red carpets.

How to look good in a shark skin suit

Once you find out that a shark skin suit is what you get, the next task is to make sure you look good in one. To do that, start with the cuffs – these should be from your blazer, no more than less than half an inch. Then you need what is called a & # 39; Gig Line & # 39; made of your button-down sweater, the belt buckle and pants flying, together in a straight line.

You must also wear pants that fit well and have the right length. Ideally, the bottom of the pants should end in the middle of the shoe heel. The socks you wear must be of a color of pants color – everything else makes you look like an amateur. The shoes you wear are just as important as all other elemental and black shoes fit best with not only a shark skin suit, but also any other suit.

With these things taken care of, you certainly look like a pure gentleman when you go out in that shark skin suit!