Thursday , 2 July 2020
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Silver shoes have traditionally remained the shoes you choose for wear regardless of occasion. One reason for this is that they add glamor to all dresses because silver is a neutral color. But there are different types of silver heels that you need to be aware of to make your shopping easy. Type here refers to the actual heel.

Silver Kitten Heels

Silver cat heels are usually suitable for wear during the day. Heels often do not exceed 2 inches high. They fit well when worn with pencil skirts to give the elegant look. You should never wear cat heels with big dresses or skirts because your legs will be thick and short.

Silver Boot Heels

These are designed with wide heels designed to make you look lean and tall. They are best worn with mini skirts or slim jeans. You should never wear them with boot cup pants or skirts that reach your knee because doing so will make your legs look thick.

Silver wedge heels

These are designed to have a high platform at the front. They are in most cases available as sandals. There are also silver wedge shoes in silver which are very popular as they are comfortable, elegant and make your legs appear long.

Silver high heels

These are designed with heels that measure anything between 3 and 5 inches high. The heels are traditionally constructed wide for stability. They can be worn almost daily because they are comfortable and make your legs look wonderful.

Silver Stiletto heels

These are some of the most popular silver heels you can find. They are designed to have thin heels that measure anything between 3 and 5 inches. They are never designed with front platforms. They are most suitable for long skirt wear. Wearing them with mini skirts can be extremely sexy.