Thursday , 2 July 2020
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Womens Sleeveless Tops Chiffon Round Neck Pleated Blouse T-Shirt .

Sleeveless tops are some of the flattering rags you can find. However, this is only possible with the right choice, which really depends on several factors including style, body shape and materials used to make the top.


Peaks are available in different styles including the following:

  • Halter Top – This is a style that is preserved for women. A top designed with this style has a halter neck that can be tied at the back. This style fits perfectly on women with long hair because the hair literally hides the tie on the back, creating the impression that there is nothing holding the top.
  • Camisole – This is another style that is preserved for women. Worn as underwear before, camisoles are now very common as outerwear. The style gives thin straps that can extend to the waist. A sleeveless top in this style is the best mask with strapless bra.
  • Tube – This style provides easy wrapping of the top around the body. It is designed to be tight around your breasts but is elastic enough. This is one of the most popular styles in sleeveless tops because of its body hugging.


A sleeveless top will only flatter your body if you choose with your body shape in mind:

  • Hourglass Body – Choose tops with a suitable waist to cover your big chest, narrow hips and wide bottom.
  • Apple body – Choose tops with large print and vertical lines to cover your thin legs and narrow bottoms.
  • Pear body – Choose tops with asymmetrical borders to cover your little upper, curved hips and bottom.
  • Busty body – You obviously have a big bust with your legs narrow. Choose tops with wide necklines.


Sleeveless tops can be made from various materials including cotton, polyester, spandex and linen. The type of material you choose informs how you will clean and maintain your tops.