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Two Tone Block Heel Slingback Sandals - Kaitlyn Pan Sho

Slingback shoes are different from other types of shoes because of their straps used to hold the shoes on the feet. They can be designed as open or closed shoes. These shoes are available in different styles to suit different occasions.


There are different types of Slingback shoes that choosing the right pair can be a major challenge. Below are the different types and their descriptions:

  • Closed toe – These have the toe area closed with the rest of the shoes left. The shape of the toe area can be square or pointed.
  • Attached – These are designed to be closed around except for the heel area that remains open.
  • Open toe – These are closed in the middle section with both back and forward remaining. They are traditionally designed with thick straps that go over the toes.
  • Platform – These are traditionally designed to have high heels with thick soles. They can be of any shape.
  • Peep toe – These are traditionally designed to have the closed toe area but with a small opening that reveals a toe or two.
  • Pointed toe – These are designed to have a closed toe area with the end pointed.
  • Round toe – These have the round toe area, which provides enough space for the toes.
  • Sandals – These are low Slingback shoes that have small straps that go over the toes.
  • Squared toe – These have square toe area.

Not all types of slingbacks are suitable for wear at all times. Below is a simple guide for when to wear different types.

  • Everyday Clothes – Choose low-heeled slingbacks for the comfort you need while at home or in the summer.
  • Business Clothes – Choose a medium size Slingback of leather or suede.
  • Evening clothes – Choose a high-heeled Slingback that should go well with a cocktail dress.
  • Formal Wear – Choose a platform, pointed or peep toe synthetic material slingback.
  • Professional wear – Choose a closed, square or peeked pliers that will naturally be your professional attire.

You can choose to buy a regular pair of Slingback or a pair of embellishments that add class to the shoe.