Friday , 3 July 2020
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Very common in dancers, soft shoes have recently become very popular shoes in the home. They are especially suitable for wear in the summer when they are indoors due to their lightness. You can really wear them as an alternative to sandals as long as your type of flooring allows. Two very important considerations that you must keep in mind when shopping for this type of shoe are the material the shoes are made of and the type of sole.


These shoes are traditionally made of leather or cloth. Each of these materials has its advantages and disadvantages. While those made of leather are very comfortable, the leather can only stretch a little. A soft shoe in leather may therefore not suit you if you have wide feet. On the other hand, those made of canvas are not only comfortable but can also stretch enough to fit your wide feet. Those made of cloth are also easier to clean than those made of leather. However, those made of leather are more durable than those of canvas.


Soft shoes are available with either full soles or split soles. While a full sole covers your entire foot, a split sole only covers your healing and toe areas. A soft sole sole with full sole provides sufficient resistance compared to a split sauce shoe. The decision to purchase a soft shoe with full sole or split sole also depends on the shape and appearance of your feet and extension of the legs. This is because both soles transform the look of your feet and legs in different ways.