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YOMXL Womens Push Up Padded Plus Size 2 Piece Ruffle Tankini .

The bikini has a number of different variants. Most people are actually very used to bikini, which is a two piece swimsuit. The variations are available to give women more choices in two-piece swimsuits, and these variations include tankini, which is basically a tank top in combination with traditional bikini bottoms. So it is a modest variation to bikinis.

Who should wear tankini?

This type of swimwear is suitable for pregnant women who want to cover the growing belly, as well as for women who are more self-conscious about their body while out on the beach or swimming pools. Women who have also undergone a mastectomy, have longer torso and do not have these washboard abs can also find refuge in wearing a tankini.

Benefits of wearing tankini

Coverage is perhaps a major benefit of wearing tankini, as only very little meat is left exposed compared to wearing a bikini. Going to the bathroom is also much easier compared to wearing a piece. Tankini thus gives you the best of both bikini and swimwear in one piece.

Carry tips

For coverage of deficiencies, look for a tankini that offers more coverage in the specific area. So you can go for longer tank tops or for high waisted bikini bottoms.

Some tankini have a very beautiful design, which you can not restrict yourself to use only during swimming. So you can pair this with either shorts or skirts on the beach when a swimsuit covers up.

Another version of tankini, known as camkini, is now available for those who want to show more skin, but not as much as bikini. It has a camisole-like tank top with flattering bikini bottoms.