Friday , 10 July 2020
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The Top 5 Wedding Dress Silhouettes Defined - WeddingWi


Your chosen wedding day is without a doubt one of the most important days in your life. Of all the things related to this day, it is your wedding dress that will be everyone's center of attention. Apart from the attention, it is your wedding dress that is the most photographed piece. It is therefore only advisable that you choose a wedding dress in the appropriate style.

There is no doubt that different wedding dress styles are available and only suitable for different wedding venues and themes. Apart from such other factors as wedding dress material, size, length and embellishments, you depend on the right style of wedding dress depending on your body shape.

Pear Shape

Having a pear-shaped body requires that you choose a wedding dress that gradually flushes out from the waist downwards. This style marks narrower midsection. Let yourself get a dress made of satin or taffeta because they do not get stuck.

Busty Shape

A wedding dress designed with a scoop neckline should be your best choice. That's because the style opens your face. You also have the option of choosing a style that is strapless and has a dip along the neck. You need to avoid a dress made of silk or satin because it will make your chest look big.

Shape in size

An empire wedding dress will wear your plus shape perfectly. You just need to make sure that the seam does not start at the breast level and that the fabric has no creases. A dress of satin should be best.

Apple Shape

The most common styles of wedding dress turn out to be for Apple-shaped women. However, being Apple-shaped requires that you settle for a wedding dress designed to get your little waist before you flush out to form the A-shape. The style should also provide a V-ring to draw everyone's attention. Enjoy a wedding dress made of all material except a trumpet dress that will emphasize the widest area of ​​your body.